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Tay Bridge
Gagarin Way
Jury Play
Music is Torture
Factor 9
Al Poco Tiempo
Grimm Tales
Sitting Pretty
The Dream Train
The Maids
Bugsy Malone

Tay Bridge//Dundee Rep//Director Andrew Panton

Photos: Mihaela Bodlovic

The stage, designed by Emily James, is a masterclass in set design. The rusted wreckage of a train compartment that can be brought back to life, moved and added to by the actors themselves. The detail is astonishing, right down to the barnacles spattered along the bottom of the carriage.

The cast seem to haunt the broken carriage of designer Emily James’s rotating set as it mutates into pubs, classrooms and tenements with dream-like fluidity.

The Guardian

Emily James’s set, built around the image of a rusted and broken North British Railway carriage hauled from the deep, becomes ever more moving and evocative

The Scotsman

The effect of such stylised Victoriana looks somewhere between Pirandello and a 1970s portmanteau horror film…a chilling masterclass in disaster movie style hysteria

The Herald

a polished, well-choreographed production that makes brilliant use of Emily James’s deceptively simple rail carriage set

The Times

Gagarin Way//Dundee Rep//Director Cora Bissett

Photos: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

a stylish production…Emily James’ set is industrially fit for purpose with lovely use made of the conveyor belt.

Adam//National Theatre of Scotland//Director Cora Bissett

Jury Play//Grid Iron//Director Ben Harrison

Music is Torture//Tron Theatre//Director Ben Harrison

Factor 9//Dogstar Theatre//Sweden, Denmark, Wales and Scotland //Director Ben Harrison

The impressive set, designed by Emily James, ingeniously houses the action, despite the expansive years covered over the course of the play.

Emily James’ set is a wonderful cross between a retro super-computer and a ghoulish medical lab.

The List

Al Poco Tiempo//Seattle Dance Project// Erickson Theatre, Seattle
//Choreographer Ellie Sandstrom

Terracotta//Birmingham Rep/Hampstead Theatre//Director Marianne Elliott

The action is set on the roof of a south-London house, ingeniously designed by Emily James.

The Telegraph

Grimm Tales//Dukes Theatre annual outdoor promenade production//Director Ian Hastings

Emily James’ designs are delightful: the edible abode in Hansel and Gretel is a caravan of confectionery that emerges spectacularly out of the woods.

The Guardian

Many of the scenes – such as the sweet house in Hansel and Gretel – are a sight to behold thanks to the creative talents of the set designer.

Lancashire Telegraph

Sitting Pretty//Nuffield Theatre and national tour//Director John Doyle

A very ingenious and workable set.

The Stage

The Maids//Rosemary Branch Theatre, London//Director Gari Jones

Bugsy Malone//The Drum, Plymouth Theatre Royal//Director Jill Prewett

The Dream Train//The Drum, Plymouth Theatre Royal//Director Jill Prewett